Green Product Award 2021 - a win for our small business!

Green Product Award 2021 - a win for our small business!

Being a family run sustainable start-up is immensely challenging and it can be daunting at times when you go up against the big established brands. It also generally means you are so busy working on your brand that you don’t stop to acknowledge your achievements when they actually happen to you.

So we wanted to share with you all a little win we had with our Ohelo reusable travel cup and how much it means to us.

We are delighted to share with you that we received Green Product Award 2021 Nominee status for our Ohelo Tumbler. What’s more, we made the top 10 consumer goods from 1461 entries that came from over 51 countries.

Ohelo reusable coffee cup is award nominated in Green Product Award 2021

Why is this such a big deal?

The Green Product Award is an award that celebrates products that stand out in terms of design, innovation & sustainability. It is an international award that receives entries from all over the globe from large and established international brands.  

What makes our reusable coffee cups stand out from the crowd?

When we started our Ohelo journey our aim was to create the best reusable bottles and cups out there. For our travel cup that meant a few things:

1. Making it 100% leakproof so that it could be popped into a bag easily and taken with you. So many on the market were “spill-resistant” or “spill-proof” which translated as need to be carried in an upright position.

2. Designing our unique sip lid to allow 360 drinking with a simple twist. So many of the cups on the market seemed to be modelled on those single use cups we are trying so hard to replace, with the awkward tiny sip hole that you need to line up with or risk spilling your fresh coffee down the front of your clothes.

3. Making it easy to use and clean. This of course includes making it leakproof with 360 drinking. But it also includes making our lids simple to pop apart for cleaning – no nasty smelly parts that you cant reach here!

4. Making it versatile. This is why we added our removeable steel strainer – so that whether you wanted to brew your morning cuppa with loose leaf tea, have a sneaky G&T at that weekend picnic or use it as a protein shaker

    As a family run start-up we were absolutely delighted to make the top 10 in consumer goods with Green Product Award and receive the amazing feedback “Great approach to eliminate single use items”.

    Want to see what all the fuss is about?
    Grab your own Ohelo reusable coffee cup today and join the Ohelo family!

    Ohelo white reusable travel cup

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