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Ohelo 500ml insulated metal water bottles in blue swallows and plain white
Ohelo insulated reusable water bottle in yellow with honeycomb and bee design


Beautifully Designed. Refreshingly different.

British designed beauties that are comfortable to carry and a pleasure to drink from. This new kid on the block is the best reusable water bottle!

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Master of Versatility. Perfectly Unique.

With its leak-proof lid and handy mesh attachment our travel mug is a mighty multi-tasker that will handle all of your refreshment needs.

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Our bottles and tumblers share all their best qualities

Our reusable products are made from double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel, which is strong and hygienic. They withstand the rigours of everyday life, while maintaining a stainless interior which doesn’t leach flavours. So, your sneaky post-work pint will not taste like this mornings’ flat white!

Our triple layer vacuum insulation shields your drink from the elements, keeping your tea toasty hot or your smoothie nice and chilled (Our bottles keep things cold for up to 24 hours, hot for up to 12 hours). Stainless steel is reliably hygienic, with no chemical leaching. Our products are all BPF, BPS and BPA free. Electropolished internal surfaces give a resistance to product adhesion and bacteria build-up, increase corrosion resistance and result in an easily cleaned surface. Our lead-free powder coat finish provides further grip, for a chip-resistant, slip-resistant high-end finish.

Bring your own bottle. Whether you are a prosecco picnicker or prefer a nutritious juice, Ohelo has got your back.

Bring your own bottle. Whether you are a prosecco picnicker or prefer a nutritious juice, Ohelo has got your back.

Our unique products were thoughtfully designed and engineered in the UK to be that unicorn of products: both beautiful and functional. Our internal threads make your drinking experience more enjoyable. Our bottles carry straps move naturally on stainless steel pivots providing perfect portability, making Ohelo a joy to carry. Our lids are all leak-proof, allowing you to sip on the go OR safely stash in your bag until you get to your destination.

Our stainless steel bottles and tumblers should last a long time. When they have been utterly abused and are no longer usable, they can be recycled. When your Ohelo bottle reaches the end of the line please drop it in the scrap metal bin of your local recycling centre or scrap yard. Unlike plastic which can only be recycled once or twice, steel can be recycled endlessly. Eco high-5!

It’s always tumbler time! Morning coffee or sweaty work out, no hydration task is off limits.

It’s always tumbler time! Morning coffee or sweaty work out, no hydration task is off limits.


Designed with style and functionality at heart

500ml black ohelo reusable water bottle being held by hand coming out of the ocean
White stainless steel reusable water bottle by Ohelo

The Bottle Lid

Simply Stylish

Naturally our classic lid keeps your
drinks exactly where they should be – safely inside your Ohelo bottle.

The Tumbler Lid

Different – in a good way!

Our original multi-functional lid. Stainless steel mesh attachment can be used for protein shake, loose leaf tea or to keep fruit for flavouring water happily inside. Opens with a simple twist.

Our Lids shared values

Leak proof
Engineered to be completely leak-proof, there are no push-buttons that can accidently be pressed, ensuring your bag stays leak-free.

Multi-functionality is crucial for modern day living.
There are new sizes in the pipeline here at Ohelo. With usability in mind we are creating all of our Ohelo bottles with the same neck size – enabling each lid to fit every water bottle. We also have an innovative sports lid in development for our bottles so watch this space.
Our straps are easily removed, making it super easy to give your Ohelo its own character by swapping around your straps, to make it joyfully unique. Our tumblers removable mesh attachment may be used as a protein shaker, tea strainer or fruit infuser to name but a few – so you can use the same travel mug for all your hydration needs. 

Perfectly portable
Our stainless steel pivots allow your bottle to move naturally as you do, making it a joy to carry. No hand cramps here! Our bottle straps are made with comfort in mind from soft TPU that won’t dig into your fingers. Our tumbler lid goes from sip mode to leak-proof with a simple twist, allowing it to be safely stowed in your bag until you need it next.

Ohelo – we simply love hanging out with you!

Ohelo – we simply love hanging out with you!

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