Every Bottle Makes a Difference: Protecting Our Oceans with Surfers Against Sewage

Every Bottle Makes a Difference: Protecting Our Oceans with Surfers Against Sewage

Imagine jumping in the sea on a perfect morning, the sun warming your face and the sound of the waves soothing your soul.  Now imagine that serenity shattered by the sight of plastic bobbing in the water – a plastic bag tangled in seaweed, a plastic chord strangling a seal or turtle, a discarded bottle swirling in the current, or even a 💩 floating by.  Enough to make you sick, right?  Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) feels your pain, and they're fighting to protect our oceans from just that.

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SAS is a UK-based powerhouse in the fight against plastic pollution, uniting a passionate community of ocean activists.  But their mission goes beyond pristine breaks for surfers – they're fighting for healthy oceans for everyone.  Here's how this incredible organization is making waves, how every Ohelo bottle bought helps support them, and how you can be a part of the solution.

In a Nutshell: Surfers Against Sewage Main Goals

To Improve Water Quality ⁠

They campaign for a clean ocean, rivers and lakes for wildlife and people. They demand an end to sewage discharge into UK bathing waters by 2030.⁠

To Tackle Plastic Pollution⁠

They campaign to turn back the tide of plastic choking the ocean. They⁠ demand an end to plastic pollution on UK beaches by 2030.⁠

To Drive Ocean Recovery⁠

They campaign to protect and restore the ocean wilderness. They demand high protection status for 30% of the ocean and all UK Marine Protected ⁠Areas by 2030.⁠

To Confront the Ocean and Climate Emergency⁠

They campaign to stop destructive global heating threatening all life in and ⁠above the ocean. They demand that the UK achieves net zero, including the adoption of ocean-based solutions, by 2030.⁠

Beyond Beach Cleanups: Fighting Plastic Pollution on all fronts

Image Credit: SAS & Carys Griffiths Photography

While SAS excels at a beach cleanup (they've removed millions of pieces of plastic from hundreds of beaches!) and makes it easy for us all to get involved with their Million Mile Clean movement, their fight against plastic pollution goes so much further. SAS lobbies government to push for laws that will help create cleaner oceans. They help empower future generations through explaining the issues facing our oceans and offering simple changes that can make a difference. Did you know a staggering 12 million tonnes of marine litter and plastic enter the ocean every year? SAS is tackling the problem at its source, not just cleaning up the mess afterwards.

More Than Just Awareness: Empowering Action

Image Credit: SAS & Ciaran McCrickard

SAS understands that awareness is just the first step.  That’s why they have so many free resources for everyone to use, to help you get involved in the fight against plastic pollution. From their free Safer Seas & Rivers Service (SSRS) app, which tracks real-time sewage discharge and pollution risks. To their Plastic Free Communities program, which helps villages, towns, and cities reduce their single-use plastic footprint. SAS empowers individuals to become active participants in ocean conservation, not just passive observers.

How Every Sip with Ohelo Helps Protect the Oceans

We think SAS are swell 🌊 (pun intended). We are so happy to be part of their Ocean Network and supporting them in their fight to protect our Oceans. As a brand we donate 5% of our profits to charitable organisations, and as part of the SAS Ocean Network we help fund their crucial work. Every Ohelo bottle and travel cup purchased helps to save our Oceans. With every sip from your Ohelo bottle, you're not just quenching your thirst – you're supporting beach cleanups, fighting sewage pollution, advocating for policy change, and educating future generations.  Pretty cool, right?

So, how will you get involved?  Will you upgrade your families hydration game with a new set of Ohelo bottles to help us save the Oceans with every sip you take? Or maybe download the SAS app and stay informed?  The choice is yours, and every action, big or small, creates a ripple effect for a healthier ocean.

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