The difference of one

The difference of one

Some people may say that one person cannot make a difference. Particularly when trying to tackle something as big as the single use plastic problem the world currently faces. “Why should I use a reusable tumbler to get my coffee from my local coffee shop? No one else does – what difference will I make?”

They may be right.

It is estimated that in the UK alone there are 2,500,000,000 coffee cups used every year, with 99.75% of these not being recycled. That is more than 6,800,000 a day!

So what difference is one more, right?

Wrong! One extra coffee cup may not make a huge difference to those numbers. However, the behaviour of one person can hugely affect those around them. So that one person using their own tumbler for their morning coffee, they will be noticed by other people. As more people notice, more people reassess their own behaviour and make changes. They start using reusables too. It grows like a ripple in water. The tiniest of stones dropped into the surface can grow ripples that radiate outwards. This ripple can make using reusables in places like coffee shops the social norm. The thing that everyone does without batting an eyelid. Afterall it just makes sense. You no longer contribute to the plastic pollution epidemic, and now you have a beautiful tumbler which is much nicer to drink out of anyways. Oh, and more and more coffee chains are offering discounts when you take your own cup – bonus!

So, we can all make a difference, both collectively and as a one. Let us use our reusables in public and get noticed (in a good way).

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