Why do protein shakers smell so bad?

Why do protein shakers smell so bad?

We’ve all had that moment when you give your shaker bottle a quick sniff and recoil in horror at the assault on your sinuses. Why does it smell so bad?! Well…

Bacteria, yeasts and mould decompose your leftover dregs of protein powder drink, releasing chemicals from both the decomposed food and from the microbes themselves. Mmmm!

Why does the smell linger after washing?

Most protein shakers are made from a hard thermoplastic like polypropylene (PP) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Thermoplastics are made up of long chains (polymers) of repeating units of atoms (monomers). These chains layer over each – imagine strands of pearls placed on top of each other. Depending on the plastic, large molecules like water can’t pass through these layers whilst other molecules, some smelly, can be absorbed. This is why dogs can smell treats sealed in plastic. The chemicals released from your decomposed cookies and cream whey protein make their way through these layers and hide there, waiting patiently for your next gym session (though they will, eventually, get bored and dissipate).


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