7 top reasons why you need a reusable water bottle or coffee cup

7 top reasons why you need a reusable water bottle or coffee cup

We all have our different reasons for joining the fight against single use plastics and taking up the use of reusables. Some of us want to save the turtles. Some of us want to be able to use one bottle for a variety of different drinks. Some of us just want a stylish product that is an extension of the rest of our fabulousness. Read on to see our top 7 reasons for using a reusable bottle or coffee cup.

1. It’s more environmentally friendly

The statistics on single use product waste is overwhelming. In the UK we use 7.7bn single use plastic water bottles every year. Of those, over 3.25bn do NOT get recycled. That is enough unrecycled single use water bottles to wrap around the Earth 19.5times! Rephrased, every hour the number of single use plastic water bottles going unrecycled in the UK, stacked end to end, would be tall enough to fit the Shard in 289 times! Additionally, single use plastics have a massive carbon footprint – every year the bottled water market in UK is responsible for adding around 350,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases to the environment.1 Combined with the fact that single use plastic bottles are responsible for 10% of plastic found on the foreshore of the river Thames, with still mineral water bottles making up 45% of those bottles,2 we must endeavour to “Reduce Reuse Recycle” to safeguard our environment.

2. It’s cheaper

The average cost of a 1l bottle of water in the UK is 65p. In contrast the cost of 1l of tap water sits at only 0.1p, making bottled water a whopping 650 times more expensive than its tap alternative.3

Considering the average person in the UK buys 2.24 plastic water bottles a week (that’s 117 a year), that amounts to nearly £76 a year difference (assuming average bottle size purchased is 1l). Imagine what you could splurge on with the extra cash! You could buy a beautiful reusable and still have surplus for a treat or two! Add to this the plethora of discounts you can now receive on your designer on the go coffees/drinks at a whole host of retailers, your reusable coffee cup will also swiftly pay for itself.

3. It’s more pleasurable

Obviously, everyone prefers drinking from a beautiful reusable to a single use alternative. It feels more pleasurable. For bottle varieties, it is more enjoyable drinking from a sleek glass or smooth stainless steel than it is from the standard single use plastic version. This is amplified for coffee cups, where a well designed reusable far surpasses the typical single use variety in the quality of experience on offer.

4. It’s safer

Tap water notably has disinfectants added to protect against bacterial infection. Bottled water has no such additives, thus once opened it loses sterility and can be exposed to bacteria from your hands or face.4 Despite PET being a very inert material, scientific studies have indicated that water samples from PET bottles contain oestrogen mimicking compounds at a higher level than water samples taken from glass equivalents.5 In the same study, snails bred in PET bottles had double the reproductive rates of those in control samples. Reusable plastic water bottles also raise fears regarding BPAs and Phthalates migrating into their contents. Consequently, we would recommend going with a stainless steel or glass form of reusable.

5. It’s flexible

You are not limited to a single thirst quencher when you use your own reusable. A first rate insulated bottle will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, allowing for a multitude of concoctions. For a steamy hot yoga session, you can take a refreshing cold water with you to quench that work-out thirst. For a wintery jaunt about town you may find a steamy hot tea more appropriate.

6. It’s more stylish

Let your latest fashion accessory show the world you care about the environment. With countless designs available there is bound to be a reusable bottle that fits stylistically with you. Be a trendsetter by joining the movement of reusables. Bringing your own bags to the supermarket is now the social norm. Surveys have shown 27% of people would use reusable bottles if other people around them were.6 Be the one to start the trend.

7. It’s Convenient

Stay happy and hydrated no matter what you are doing for the day with your hard-working hydrator.

Choose your desired beverage and an insulated reusable will even keep it at the appropriate temperature until you are ready for a slurp or two. Once you empty your wares, it is easy to get water refilled at many outlets about town and there are a growing number of water stations being installed.

Here's a handy infographic to sum up:

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