Plastic Free July – Top 10 ways to reduce that single use

Plastic Free July – Top 10 ways to reduce that single use

The Plastic Free July movement was started in Australia in 2011. It is now a global movement where people try to reduce their use of single use plastic as much as possible. Here are our top 10 ways you can reduce your use of single use and help protect our planet for future generations. There is also a handy infographic coming up!

1. Banish the plastic bottle

Yes, we are a reusable water bottle company, so this one has to top our list. Sadly 7.7 BILLION single use plastic water bottles are used in the UK every year – that’s enough to stretch around the world 46 times! Say no to single use water bottles and instead invest in a good quality reusable water bottle. We think ours are pretty great (as do our customers) – but if stainless steel is not for you then you can also get some pretty great glass versions out there.

2. Say no to single use travel cups

Again, as we have spent over 18 months of our own lines designing our own range of travel cups this one is really important in our books. Currently 2.5 BILLION single use coffee cups are used in the UK every year, with 99.75% of these not being recycled. Grab yourself a reusable travel cup – better for the planet and they look and feel so much better too.

3. Plastic straws have to go

These are thankfully disappearing from a lot of places, but it is still really easy to get/be given one. Refuse the plastic straws when out. If you need / prefer a straw there are some great reusable versions out there made from metal, glass and even silicone, or even opt for single use pasta versions.

4. Shop at your local independents

Shopping at your local greengrocer can often help you avoid unnecessary plastic covering your fruit and vegetables. You can also buy exactly how much you need, so you avoid any food waste too.

5. Swap that liquid soap for soap bars

Swap those liquid soap dispensers for some nice soap bars and avoid single-use plastic.

6. Food storage

Try and avoid using cling film to wrap food in before putting it in the fridge. Instead use an airtight container, place it face down on a plate or get yourself some beeswax wraps.

7. Shopping bags

Single use plastic bags can be dangerous for wildlife as they may eat it thinking its food or become entangled. A plastic bag floating in the sea may look like a jellyfish to a turtle – by using reusable bags you can prevent these single use versions from entering our waterways. Remember to have your bags in handy places so you don’t forget to take them with you.

8. Sanitary items

Make your period plastic free with a variety of different options, from period pants and reusable pads to menstrual cups.

9. Brand packaging

Look at what the products you are buying are packaged in. Is the packaging single use plastic free? Is it made from recycled materials? Choose brands that are spending that little bit more by choosing the more eco-friendly options when packaging their goods (here at Ohelo you will be happy to hear our packaging is 100% plastic free, is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable).

10. Buy store cupboard basics in bulk

As more bulk stores open around the country it is getting easier to be able to buy things like rice, pasta, flour and nuts in bulk. Taking along your own containers and filling them up will allow you to avoid the single use plastic these sorts of store cupboard essentials usually come in.

Interested in finding out even more ways you can reduce the single use plastic in your life? Check out @plasticfreejuly and see how they and others reduce their use of single use plastic.

Here’s our handy infographic to sum up our top 10 ways to avoid single use plastic this July:

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