Ohelo white blossom insulated stainless steel water bottle and reusable coffee cup

The problems with fast fashion apply to so much more than your hoodie...

This is a response to a question we have been asked more than once: "why should I buy one of your insulated reusable products when I can buy cheaper options from online marketplaces/large superstores?" It may be more easily understood by comparing with the clothing industry and "fast fashion".

The fast fashion conversation has become more mainstream, with it addressed by large media outlets and consumers becoming more aware.

We understand fast fashion as the mass production of cheap clothing using low quality materials. It has a negative impact on the planet in many ways: from the climate effect that such large production has via energy usage to deforestation for either grazing land (for wool) or plant based clothing materials. Then there are workers conditions / rights - this can be anything from unsafe conditions, salaries that are below minimum wage, a lack of workers’ rights, to child or forced labour.

Surely, we should all be giving the same considerations to our homewares?

Using a reusable water bottle or coffee cup should be a great little step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. However, the production of these items needs to be considered. Where are they being made? How are the workers treated? What materials are they using? Do the materials used have negative effects for either the workers or the natural environment? Are they built to last or are they going to break within a couple of weeks use?

A bottle made in an ethical factory, where workers rights are respected, and they are working in a safe and clean environment, which is made from more environmentally safe materials and is made to more durable is thus going to be a more sustainable product.

We have independent reports for our manufacturer to ensure our workers are treated fairly, have a safe working environment and are happy to be there. We use LEAD FREE solder to seal the vacuum in our products. Almost all other insulated products out there are still using the industry standard which is a LEAD based solder - this is a material that is banned by the EU for personal use and use in electronics. We protect our workers and their environment from this LEAD exposure by using a safer alternative.

Buy better, buy less. Let's save our planet together! Join us today!

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