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Finding Fika this International coffee day!

It’s 1st October which means only one thing…Happy International Coffee day everyone! 

Today is the perfect day to take some inspiration from our Swedish neighbours and discover the wonderful world of Fika.

Most of us here in the UK are leading hectic lives. Whether we are rushing around from meeting to meeting at work (or zoom to zoom as is more the case in 2020!) or dealing with the many tasks back at home. It can be hard to take some time just for you.

So, what is Fika and why should we all be doing it?

Fika is taking time out of the day to slow down with a coffee and perhaps something to nibble on. It is a little breathing space, a time to appreciate the small things – be that with colleagues, friends, family or even by yourself.

Swedes take Fika very seriously (almost as seriously as us Brits take a cup of tea!) This is not just grabbing a quick caffeine fix on the go or sipping some lukewarm brew while still glued to your desk. This is taking some time out, stepping away from whatever you are doing, making yourself a good quality drink and enjoying the moment. If you don’t drink coffee that’s fine as well – you can always drink tea.

Fika is even protected by Swedish law, with companies stopping twice a day for their employees to take Fika.

With Sweden having some of the happiest people in the world it is certainly worth giving it a shot. So how could we get some Fika into our lives?

1. As more of us are working from home it is easy to feel distant from loved ones right now. Why not arrange a mid-morning zoom with your bestie to enjoy a brew together?

2. Find a super comfy chair, cup of coffee in hand, put on your favourite tune and take some time to switch off.

3. On-the-go? You can still take Fika! Whether that’s taking a walk in the park for an afternoon break or taking a train somewhere. Simply pour your favourite brew into your trusty insulated flask and pick a spot to stop a while, enjoy that fresh air and contemplate. One of our insulated travel cups would be perfect to carry your brew in!

    However you channel the essence of Fika into your life we hope it allows you some time every day to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Why not share how you benefit from taking inspiration from Fika in your life with us on Facebook or Instagram? Stay happy and hydrated guys and gals!

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