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Have Yourself a Sustainable Christmas!

With just over a month left until Christmas, here at Ohelo we are ready to deck the halls, sing some Mariah and get rocking around the Christmas tree. We like to do our bit for the planet all year round, so we have made a list of five handy tips on how to have a greener, more sustainable Christmas without compromising any of the fun.


Buying Christmas presents can be tricky, even for loved ones! We all worry about how they might not appreciate the gift to its full potential, leading to more waste. To avoid this, aim to have a set budget in mind and consider shopping in second-hand stores or online resale sites to find something unique and affordable. Supporting local, sustainable businesses is a wonderful way to buy gifts that will minimize their harm to the planet. Check out our range of stylishly sustainable bottles or travel cups, which both come in a range of colours and designs! Alternatively, if you want to give a one-of-a-kind gift that no one else would have why not make something? Not only will it add a personal touch to the gift, but the recipient would be highly appreciative of you for taking the time to make something from scratch! Try your hand at making some festive foodie treats, make something useful like a little photo album or channel your inner Tom Daley and get your knitting needles out! 

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    The GWP Group states that roughly 8 million trees are thrown away every year, with around 14% of that figure including fake trees. Buying living fir trees is a feasible way of reducing waste as they can be replanted after the festive period. Buying locally ensures a smaller carbon footprint and is a fantastic way to support local businesses. If the idea of a real tree is a complete no-go and reusing the same fake tree is out of the question, how about buying a second-hand one?


      In addition to digging out your old decorations, making your own is a delightful way to get the whole family into the Christmas spirit! You can make your own wreaths by using dried fruits, leaves and twigs from your garden or local parks and binding them together with some string. Following the holiday period, you can leave them in your garden to decompose naturally. Placing LED lights (using rechargeable batteries) into jars with fruits, pinecones and tree trimmings are also a dainty and creative way to spread the festive glow around the house. These lights can also be reused throughout the year as decor. Go old school and create some edible tree decorations such as popcorn garlands or gingerbread shapes that can be hung with twine (but we can’t guarantee they will stay on the tree very long!). Lastly, get the kids involved and use newspaper or recycled paper to create unique paper snowflakes to scatter around the house.

      Christmas wreath made from natural materials hanging ona front door


        The GWP Group claims that Brits indulge in roughly 227,000 miles of wrapping paper per year (that’s almost four rolls of wrapping paper per average household), only for most of it to end up in our bins. Instead, try wrapping presents in brown parcel paper, then decorate with Christmas tree trimmings, twine, and some ribbon. For an extra festive finish use some sprigs of holly or even a little candy cane! For those who opt to buy festive wrapping paper, try to avoid buying ones with glitter as they can't be recycled. Alternatively, ditch the paper altogether and use totes bags or silk or cotton scarves to wrap your presents in instead; they also serve as an additional reusable gift! Remember to keep any ribbon and gift bags you receive yourself as they are great to reuse next year to make your gifts both pretty and more sustainably wrapped.

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        With endless amounts of meat substitutes around, it has become easier than ever before to reduce your meat intake, even during the festive period! As the number of meat-free eaters continues to rise globally, consider researching meat-free alternatives for some of your meals over the Christmas period. You never know, you might discover your new go-to dish! Popular alternatives for the big day include nut roasts and mushroom wellingtons which (if you’re short of time to make) are available in most major supermarkets. If that is a step too far for you then maybe you can introduce more veg-based canapes if you host a Christmas party or opt for the veggie option at the work Christmas do.  

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