Oh hello there! Welcome to the Ohelo Blog!

Oh hello there! Welcome to the Ohelo Blog!

Did you ever have that fleeting holiday moment where you think of doing something completely different? The one where you leave your job in pursuit of a new adventure?

Ohelo was born that way. From a vacation moment of longing came self-discovery and a step towards controlling our own destiny. Sustainability featured in many of our business ideas, as we searched for our way to make a difference. Bottle invaded dreams (really!) made our adventure into the world of reusables inevitable.

Our vision is to make beautiful reusables the new normal.

British designed and engineered, Ohelo products are created with both style and substance, form and function. High-quality products that allow hydration moments to be more pleasurable. Being environmentally friendly never looked so good.

“Is it necessary”, we hear you ask? How many single use plastic bottles do you think currently go unrecycled in the UK each year? Read on to discover the answer.

The Ohelo blog is intended to share our journey with all of you. It will have posts falling into the following topics:

Behind the scenes: Our company, Our story, Our journey, milestones, day in the life of…

Products: Product reviews, a technical look at products and materials, Material safety, Product care blogs and vlogs, common questions tackled

Environmental: War on plastic, Global plastic problems, plastic alternatives

Ohelo Life: Fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle, hydration advice and refreshing recipes

A refreshing change / Ohelos Heroes: Personal stories of inspiring people

Giving Back: Taking a peek at what the charities we support are getting up to

Our blog includes our own personal opinions, which are formed looking at all of the available information.

In response to our plastic waste teaser above the answer is nearly 3.26 billion! That is enough to wrap around the Earth 19.51 times! That is some scary maths!

 We are super excited to share this adventure with all of you. Join the movement @Ohelobottle on social media. Say #OheloThere and show us how your Ohelo is helping to keep you #HappyandHydrated. 

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