Ohelo pink blossom stainless steel water bottle

Say Ohelo to the new water bottle on the block

Drum roll please! Here it is, suspense over, our original Ohelo bottle. Delightfully designed in the UK to be both functional and beautiful. Filled with fabulous features that will enhance your hydration experience.

We wanted to create you something that you would want to take on your everyday adventure – something that was stylish and elegant, suitable for any occasion, be it work or social. After many design iterations we feel we finally achieved this with our classic Ohelo bottle design; simply beautiful.

Ohelo white reusable water bottle with blossom laser etching

Variety is the spice of life. One day you could be meeting friends for a coffee in the city, the next you could be strolling through the countryside on a leisurely weekend amble. Endless summer days spent oceanside on the beach eventually give way to frozen fingers at an outdoor ice-skating session.

We wanted to create a hydration buddy to satisfy all of your needs. A bottle that you could depend on whether you wanted something hot or cold to drink. A bottle that you could rely on to keep your hot drink hot or cold drink cold until you were ready to enjoy it.

The answer to keeping your drink just as you intended? Insulation. Our bottles are vacuum insulated and made from double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel. The vacuum insulation helps prevent heat loss/gain via conduction (and convection?). To improve the thermal insulation further we use a copper coating on the exterior surface of the internal bottle. Why does this help? It stops the stainless steel from leaching gases into the vacuum which would cause the thermal insulation to degrade. It also prevents heat loss/gain via radiation. The Ohelo water bottle keeps things cold for up to 24 hours, hot for up to 12 hours. It is one hard-working hydrator!

Caught your interest? Do you want your bottle to work as hard as you do? Are you worried you could only use it for a short while before everything tasted of coffee?

The durable, high-grade 18/8 stainless steel used to make the Ohelo water bottle makes it a tough cookie to begin with. Then we go further by electropolishing the interior surfaces. This makes the surface atomically smooth and thus increases its resistance to bacteria build-up (there are no bumps for the dirt to stick to!). It also creates something known as a passivation layer which helps provide the bottle an increased resistance to rust. With your Ohelo bottle you get an easy to clean surface that won’t leach flavours.

Don’t like carrying a bottle all day as it gives you the dreaded hand cramp? Don’t want to throw it in your bag in case it leaks everywhere?

Not to worry. The Ohelo water bottle has been designed with a leak free lid. It will keep your drink safely inside until you are ready for it. Comfortable carry straps move naturally on stainless steel pivots, allowing you to carry the Ohelo bottle around with ease. You can almost hear the sigh of relief from your thankful hands!

Ohelo bottle lids

Safe for you. Safe for the planet.

Our Ohelo water bottle is not just BPA free. It is also BPS and BPF free. Why is that a good thing? BPA has reached the awareness of the mainstream as a hormone mimicking chemical, with a whole host of products out there stating they are BPA free. However, BPS and BPF have so far flown under the radar for most. These are chemicals often added to products to replace the BPA that has been removed, yet the early research seems to suggest they also have similar hormone mimicking qualities. By ensuring none of these are in our water bottles we are creating safer products for you to use. We use a lead-free powder coat paint to give a durable high-quality finish. On top of that, we use a lead-free solder (most reusable water bottles on the market use a solder/sealant to close up the vacuum cavity which contains lead as it is a significantly cheaper option), which can provide peace of mind to our customers and is better for the people making our products.

A benefit of choosing stainless steel for our reusable water bottles is once it reaches the end of its life it can be recycled. Unlike plastics, which can only be recycled once or twice in their lifetime, stainless steel can be recycled indefinitely. Much more eco-friendly.  

There is only one you! One amazing, remarkable, unique you! You don’t want to be seen carrying a cardboard coffee cup with a single use lid covering it. You have your street cred to think of. You want something that shows the world just how fabulous you are.

The Ohelo water bottle comes in a range of colours of durable high-quality powder paint finish. The stainless steel detailing adds to the quality feel of our product. The straps are interchangeable. This means you can mix it up a bit. Buy some spare straps and change them to suit your mood.

Ohelo reusable water bottles in black, blue, yellow and pink

The Ohelo reusable water bottle is flexible enough to fit into any lifestyle. Its sole purpose in life is to keep you happy and hydrated no matter what. Whatever the adventure, take us along for the ride.

3 women on beach with reusable water bottles

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