Saving money with your reusable coffee cup

Saving money with your reusable coffee cup

Grabbing a cup of coffee on the go is a little luxury that many of us treat ourselves to. 30% of Londoners grab at least one hot drink to go every week. Choosing to reuse is definitely the most planet friendly way you can enjoy your coffee to go, but it can also be a cost-effective way to enjoy that treat.

During the pandemic many coffee chains and independents alike stopped accepting reusable cups, despite the WHO saying they were safe to use. With most now happily accepting our reusable cups again we wanted to find out just how much you can save on each hot drink - and how long it would take for these savings to add up to the cost of one of our reusable travel cups.

How much money can you save with your Ohelo reusable coffee cup?

• Pret – 50p discount. They also have 250 free water refill stations to fill up those Ohelo reusable water bottles when you are on the go.
• Starbucks – 30p saving (25p discount plus 5p charge for a single use cup)
• Costa – Double bean rewards – get a free coffee in ½ the time. Free hot drink after 4 drink purchases.
• M&S – 25p discount.
• LEON – 45p discount.
• Caffe Nero – Double points on loyalty card – buy 5 hot drinks get 1 free.
• Greggs – 20p discount.
• Paul – 50p discount.
• Pure – 50p discount.
• Waitrose – free tea or coffee a day with any purchase as part of their “my rewards” scheme.
• Grand Central trains – 50p discount.
• LNER trains – 25p discount.
• Virgin trains – 20p discount.

Many independent coffee shops and cafes also offer discounts for using your Ohelo reusable travel cup, so it is always worth asking if you are supporting your local independent!

How long does it take for my coffee habit to cover the cost of my Ohelo reusable cup?

This depends on how much of a caffeine monster you are and where you are buying your flat whites from. If you buy 2 coffees a week from Pret then in just 30 weeks the savings would equate to the cost of a brand new Ohelo reusable coffee cup.

Choose to reuse and save both the planet and your pennies! It just makes sense!

Saving money using your Ohelo reusable coffee cup

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