Corporate branded water bottles for Ruffer LLP by Ohelo

Corporate Branding Series: Ohelo x Ruffer

We could not be more delighted to have partnered with Ruffer LLP recently to create their bespoke branded bottles. Together we are helping their clients and employees alike from avoiding single use plastics. As we donate 5% of our profits to charitable organisations this partnership directly helps us to supporting our chosen charities in their fight to clean up our seas and fight against plastic pollution.

We spoke with the people over at Ruffer LLP to see why sustainability was important to them and where they were using their branded Ohelo bottles. Here's what they had to say:

1. Why is sustainability important to Ruffer LLP?

As investment managers, our entire business is about the future. It’s about trying to protect and grow our clients’ money over the long haul. Whether that’s personal pensions, savings, charities and endowments or corporate pension schemes, our aim is to give our clients future security and future choices. So if that’s our raison d’être, we must do all we can to ensure that the future for which we’re preparing our clients is as bright as possible – that means investing responsibly and operating sustainably.

2. What does sustainable investing mean to Ruffer LLP?

We’re committed to being good stewards of our clients’ assets. To that end, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are fully integrated into our investment process. Whether it’s climate change or indigenous rights, executive pay or workforce safety, we believe our considered approach helps us make better decisions. To the advantage of our clients’ portfolios. To the benefit of the companies we invest in. And for the good of the environment and society.

3. How/where are you using your branded Ohelo x Ruffer LLP bottles? Events? Employee incentive programme? Other?

Everywhere and anywhere! We attend lots of conferences around the country and often host events at our offices too. At the moment, its mostly guests and contacts who are the lucky recipients of the Ohelo bottles but we have noticed lots of covetous glances from colleagues as they’ve seen them around the office – it won’t be long before everyone at Ruffer is using an Ohelo bottle!

4. Favourite place to take your Ruffer LLP x Ohelo reusable bottle?

We run lunchtime yoga and core fitness sessions at our London office – so long as we’ve all got labels on the Ohelo bottles (to avoid mix ups!) then that’s where they’re most handy!

5. What drink are you filling your reusable bottle with?

A recent addition to the kitchen cupboards at Ruffer is elderflower cordial which has gone down a storm… you have to move quick but it’s such a refreshing drink on those long afternoons.

 Are you looking for bespoke branded bottles for your company or event? Get in touch with us at today - make your branded merchandise stand out for all the right reasons! 

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