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5 Sustainable Swaps from awesome independent brands

If you are trying to live a little bit greener then you are in the right place! We know it can sometimes be a little daunting when trying to find a greener alternative to parts of your lifestyle. But don’t let the pressure of being the perfect eco-warrior get in the way of small changes that you can make to your lifestyle. Each and every small change makes a difference.

We love sustainability and finding more planet friendly alternatives here at Ohelo. As a family run company we also love supporting other independent brands, created by people who are passionate about making a difference. Brands with strong ethics that are being built by founders who are looking to improve things, to give back as they grow, to create a circular economy – great brands with purpose.

Here are some of our favourite swaps to make, with independent brands that make awesome products that are better for both you and the planet.

1. Make the way you clean more green

    We all do laundry. There is no escaping it. But it can lead to a lot of unnecessary single use plastic waste. Our friends over at smol have an awesome range of cleaning products that are delivered straight to your door in 100% plastic free packaging that is also recycled. A personal favourite is their non-bio laundry tabs – perfect for all of us with sensitive skin. You can reuse the spray bottles again and again – just refill and you will be ready to make everything sparkle – eliminate stains and single use plastic.

    smol sustainable laundry

    2. Make your self-care a little more circular

      We are all in need of a little self-care right now. Little luxuries for our skin and hair that can help us escape to a moment of serenity are even better when they come in a planet friendly way. Circla are the milkman of beauty products, bringing you amazing independent brands straight to your door, picking up the empties when you are done and replacing them with refills. Spoil yourself with a clear conscience.

      circla sustainable products

      3. Make your personal care more planet aware

        Personal hygiene is an area where there are a number of great companies creating products that are plastic free and better for the planet. Our friends over at Wild create wonderful compostable refillable natural deodorants in an amazing array of scents. We can’t decide if we prefer the Orange Zest or Coconut Dream – both are scent-sational! Not only will you reduce your plastic use if you switch to Wild, but they support the climate charity ‘On A Mission’ - supporting reforestation projects. Deodorant that will stop you and the planet from breaking a sweat!

        wild sustainable deodorant

        4. Make your coffee habit and daily water intake more sustainable

          We definitely couldn’t pass a chance for a little self-promotion here as we are incredibly proud of our reusable bottles and cups! Collectively over 10 billion single use plastic bottles and cups are still used each year in the UK. Choosing a great reusable water bottle and travel cup as your daily essentials are a great way to do some good for the planet and rid it of unnecessary single use plastic. Our products are all ethically made using only the good stuff to give you reusable products that are reliable, hard-working and easy to use. Perfectly insulated for hot and cold drinks to ensure you never have to suffer the lukewarm. So, whether you need a steamy coffee or a chilled iced tea we have got you covered. Now that’s something to drink to!

          Ohelo white blossom water bottle and coffee cup

          5. Make that cocktail more planet positive

          Hosting friends and family as the weather warms up and lockdown restrictions ease? This is definitely high on our wish list and using sustainable spirits will make you a greener mixologist. Sapling spirits are making an awesome homegrown vodka here in London that makes the world a better place as for each bottle bought they plant a tree – a drink with a conscience! Bring on the sustainable martinis!

          sapling sustainable vodka bottle

          Do you have other favourite independent brands that are helping you lead a more sustainable life? Share this article and comment with your own favourite swaps – or let us know how you get on with these.

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