Are you drinking enough water? Our 10 top tips for staying happy and hydrated

Are you drinking enough water? Our 10 top tips for staying happy and hydrated

Most of us know that staying hydrated is important – it is something all of us were told as kids. But understanding why it is so important can help motivate us to actively try and drink enough water. 

Why is being well hydrated important?

Water is needed for so many different things in your body. After all, nearly 2/3rds of your body is water! Staying hydrated is important to keep yourself running at your best.  

When you are dehydrated your body does not function as it should. This can affect how you think, feel and perform during the day. Drinking enough water can help us fight infections, help our organ’s function, regulate our temperature and improve brain function. Drinking enough water can also help you sleep better and improve your skin.

Being aware of signs of dehydration can help you get your water intake right.

What are some signs of dehydration?

Great question. Symptoms of dehydration are:

• Feeling thirsty

• Dark yellow, strong-smelling pee

• Peeing less often than usual

• Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

• Feeling tired

• Dry mouth, lips and tongue

• Sunken eyes

How much water should be drinking a day?

The NHS recommends drinking 6-8 glasses or 1.6l-2l. Of course, the appropriate amount varies from person to person and can depend on size, lifestyle, activity level, age, temperature and humidity. Drinking regularly can help us stay fully hydrated. You should drink enough during the day so that your pee is a pale clear colour. Yes, we know wee talk can be funny or embarrassing, but it is an important indicator for your hydration and thus health.

We can all forget to drink enough from time to time. Whether you are at work and just slammed at your desk without time to think of grabbing a drink, or out in the great outdoors with limited access to refreshments there are so many reasons we may find ourselves dehydrated.

Our top 10 tips to up your hydration routine:

Have water in front of you – This may sound obvious but if it’s easy to get to you will be more likely to drink it. Having some water on your desk, kitchen table, out with you will encourage you to drink more regularly.

Take it to go. Heading out? Fill a reusable bottle and take it with you – it will encourage you drink more no matter what your schedule looks like.

Enjoy what you drink. Banish the disappointment of lukewarm water with either an ice cold water of a hot tea or coffee so that you enjoy your drink more. When you enjoy your drink, you are more likely to drink more.

Set alerts. Set alarms to remind you to take a drink at regular intervals throughout the day.

Drink before you eat. Thirst can masquerade as hunger. Drinking a glass of water before each meal can help you stay hydrated.

Jazz it up. Not so keen on plain water straight from the tap or just want something different every so often. Sparkling water can be great – get yourself a soda stream or equivalent to keep free from single use plastic bottles and sparkle your tap water on demand. Give your water a twist by adding some flavour with a slice of your favourite citrus fruit – orange, lemon, lime or a combo – they are all good. You can even get inventive with cucumber, pineapple and even herbs from your own garden (lemon verbena is a great one to try with a little cucumber). For a fast option a zero sugar cordial is a great way to give that water a bit more oomph.

Eat it. Eat foods with a high water content such as watermelon to help you hit your hydration goals.

Make it social. Make drinking a social thing (this is not a cue to get the pints in) – meet friends for a cup of tea and if you are out for a night of partying with friends try to have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is a diuretic and can make you pee more and lead to dehydration so mixing it up with some water should help keep your hydration levels up

Up your sips during workouts. Stay fully hydrated during exercise – hydration needs will depend on activity intensity, sweating etc. Sip at regular intervals, and if exercising for long periods consider

Make it a challenge. Either to yourself or get a friend involved. See which of you can hit their hydration targets most in a week or a month. Give each other support and both enjoy the benefits of being hydrated.

How the Ohelo bottle can help you stay hydrated

Carry it with you. Keep your water with you anywhere you go. Avoid the temptation if single use plastic bottles when you are on-the-go by carrying your Ohelo bottle with you – stay happily hydrated while saving the planet. Take it to the office, on a hike or to the gym.

Safe to use and easy to clean. Ohelo bottles are all Dishwasher safe making them super easy to keep clean. Most other insulated bottles are not tough enough to withstand the harsh environment of the dishwasher, making them hard to clean properly. That can result in bacteria building up. Nasty smell in your bottle? This may be a sign that bacteria have already started to grow. An Ohelo bottle can be simply popped in the dishwasher for a thorough deep clean, keeping it free from smells no matter what you choose to fill it with.

Monitor your water intake. Refill 4 times in one day to hit a 2 litre target.

Keep it cool. Keep your drink icy cold or toasty hot no matter how long you leave it between sips.

To stay hydrated we say be like a cactus: stay juicy and look sharp. With Ohelo bottle it’s easy to stay hydrated in style.

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