Corporate Branding Series: Ohelo x Royal Opera House

Corporate Branding Series: Ohelo x Royal Opera House

We were so happy to collaborate with The Royal Opera House to help them create their perfect bespoke branded bottles. 

With such an intricate crest design as part of their logo we were keen to get as much of that intricate detail visible for their customers. By using a 360 degree rotary laser we were able to create a large engraving for them to truly do their branding justice.

The Royal Opera House is working towards a sustainable future. They have pledged to be Net Zero by 2035 but aims to hit those targets by 2030. Their head chef is making many sustainable changes in their kitchens, from adding more meat-free options to their menu, using foods that may go to waste in inventive ways and working with a London based food waste charity.

They have also installed water refill points on every level of their building. So, you can grab your Ohelo x Royal Opera House bottle and fill it up before the next performance you see (you can take refillable bottles into the auditorium as long as they do not contain glass).

Ohelo bottles are ethically made from safer materials so that they look good AND do good. We are the only UK insulated bottle brand to be lead free (yes, almost all other insulated bottles on the market still contain lead!), protecting people and planet from avoidable lead pollution. We also have independent reports showing we are ethically and sustainably making our bottles. From protecting the welfare of our workers, to having on-site solar farms providing clean energy for manufacture and 95% of all waste from manufacture being fully recycled. With 5% of our profits going to charitable organisations, our bottles are always giving back.

This all adds up to Royal Opera House having beautiful bespoke bottles that are truly sustainable and fulfil their ESG requirements.

If you love the Ohelo x Royal Opera House design so much that you have to have one, head across to their website now (or if you are in London, to their on-site store) to get your hands on one!

If your company is looking for truly sustainable, bespoke branded merchandise you can check out our corporate branding page or shoot us an email at with your requirements. From events to employee incentives to bespoke stock for a unique store location we have you covered. Say Ohelo to sustainable merchandise that looks good and does good.



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